Apr 21 2015

Behold! Google Armageddon Day is Upon Us.

“And the Heavens parted as rays of intense bright light shone down, and another stone tablet was presented. The tablet read, Let there be Mobile Ready Websites.”

Now that Google Armageddon is upon us, is there any way to survive? Did you know that today was the day? Do you even know what Google Armageddon is? And more importantly, should you care?

Let’s start with what it is. Google made a change in their Algorithm that negatively impacts the ability of websites to be found in organic searches if the site is not “Mobile Ready”. What does “Mobile Ready” mean, well in a nutshell, if your site does not adjust to perform properly on a Cell Phone or Tablet, then it’s not “Mobile Ready”.

So as of today, if your website is not “Mobile Ready”, then you will have a much harder time ranking in Google searches than you did before, which means people other than you will be found when someone is looking for a Doula.

Should you care? Of course, let’s say that Six times a year someone finds you on Google when they search for a Doula and purchases your services. Now let’s also say that your site that was made Eight years ago (and not “Mobile Ready”), which had resided on page two of a Google search for Doulas in your area, slowly slips to page four or five. The chances of you getting those Six clients drops by at least 80%. So this year you get One client instead of Six. At the average rate you would lose somewhere around $3000.

Are you going to run out now and buy a brand new custom Mobile Ready site for $2000 to make sure that doesn’t happen? Probably not. There are affordable ways to get around this issue, however, and one of them is Doulabook.

Did Google buy up all the website development companies so that they could do this and force everyone to buy new websites? NO! They are just adjusting to the trends that they recognize and this is no different. Wanna know what I mean? Take a look at the infographic below:

Google Armageddon

If you see the writing on the wall, and you want to make a change, get in touch below

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